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Dogs aren’t just amazing pets and companions — they are so helpful in many other roles. Since dogs have excellent senses of smell and incredible instincts, we use them to help us across many professions.

Dogs are known to be talented and impressive police K-9s, service dogs for people with disabilities, guide dogs, military dogs, fire dogs — the list goes on.

However, even though these pups are born with incredible instincts, they still need a fair amount of training — these professional dogs all have to start somewhere, right?

It’s the first day on the job for these  pups — and they couldn’t be cuter.

With the uniform, comes huge responsibility — and despite the silliness of their adorable looks, we applaud them and appreciate them for what they do.

1. In order to provide comfort, you first have to experience what it feels like to be comforted.


2. Their new vests fit perfectly.


3. This little puppy showed up for training; the bullet-proof vest doesn’t quite fit yet.


4. Service puppy to the rescue!


5. This is Mo. It’s his first day with the Great Manchester Police Department.


6. This little pup is ready to start studying for exams.


7. This guide dog puppy is looking adorable as ever in their new uniform.


8. Being a police dog is hard work. It’s time for a nap.


9. The local sheriff has some new help at the station.


10. Jack is going to be a service dog for veterans. 


 source : shareably