11:37 PM
1. His dating history isn’t a big list Some people keep changing their partners every Month, that literally doesn’t mean they’re a Playboy but they aren’t a Real Man for you too. They aren’t sure where their relationship is heading.

2. He communicates more
A real gentleman would take out time anyway, to talk to you. Talking doesn’t mean talking for hours endlessly, it’s just about being aware of your whereabouts and caring for your safety.

3. He gives you more time
A relationship is all held on communication, and communication is stronger when you meet. If he meets you more often and gives you the possible time he can, then he is definitely a real man and not a Playboy

4. He doesn’t try to Change you and accept all your flaws
Most of the relationship do not work due to acceptance issues. If your guy accepts you the way you are and love you, even more, there’s your real man!

5. He loves you passionately and selflessly
In the world where Lust is in the air, if he isn’t being selfish and respects your decision, you can’t get any better.

6. He is by your side when you feel Low When you are happy, everybody can be around but it takes hell lot of guts to be around when you feel low. There are very few people. If your Parties one among them or the only one, he’s the best for you.

7. He will give his best to solve a fight There’s nothing more sensitive than male ego. If he keeps his male ego aside just to make sure you don’t go to sleep with a bad mood! There you go! Lucky enough.

8. He is fun to have around
If he gives you all the attention when he’s around you and is not stuck on his phone, definitely he takes you as his prior concern.

9. He finds different ways to Love you to keep the spark alive
Well, even the Playboys can find different creative ways to Love you. But the love which feels right can be distinguished and moreover a Playboy would never put in so much effort more than twice or thrice.

10. He enjoys your company and loves the mess you make!
If he never gets bored of you and always looks forward to see you, he is your real man for sure.


source ; sarcasm