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Talk about an adorable problem (or a happy accident?). A toddler in Cleveland, Texas left her parents a silly surprise after she waded through a basement of wet concrete. Two-year-old Izzadora Milaway was being looked after by her grandmother while her family was working on construction in the basement. Izzadora was supposed to stay upstairs but she somehow managed to wander her way to the basement. And well, the results are ‘deeply’ hilarious.

I guess you could say that she ruined the floor, but it’s not all that bad. The basement was covered in freshly poured concrete and while Izzadora’s grandmother was minding her other siblings, she managed to sneak her way down to the basement where she heard her parents’ voices. Workers with Porter Concrete Construction Co. discovered the little girl marching through the wet concrete. Her ankles were completely submerged in the gray muck and she had a smile on her face.
The workers called out to her parents who were standing just outside of the basement when the ‘crime’ took place. ‘I was kind of shocked and figured Jonathan was going to have a connection fit,’ said Izzadora’s mom Sara Miollaway. ‘Actually thought it was rather comical.’ Now that’s A+ parenting.
Sara explained that she picked up her daughter and they had a good laugh about it. ‘Normally we see dogs and cats in this, but not little kids,’ said Porter workers on the incident.

Looks like everyone made the best of that situation! Do you see the little foot prints heading across the floor? Good thing little Izzadora didn’t fall over! That probably would have been a slightly scarier experience for everyone. Porter workers said that her parents were able to get all of the concrete washed off of her little feet once they plucked her from her ‘trap’.

After the funniness of the situation was over and Izzadora was cleaned, the construction workers filled up the holes on the floor,  but the Millaways decided to keep one in place to mark the occasion and serve as memory. I wonder what the next people who live in that house are going to think about the teeny tiny foot print in their basement. Imagine if they had left all of the foot prints in? That would have been a bit creepy, to be honest.
Well, thank goodness no one got angry! I know there are definitely some parents who would have shouted, scolded, or even punished their child for a feat like this, but it looks like the Millaways are keeping positive spirits about the whole ordeal. As a family should!

source : providr