When Will Seaton met Ashley Schaus, he knew he wanted to be with her. But Ashley’s sister Hannah suffered from Down’s Syndrome and diabetes, and Ashley made it clear to Will that the two of them were a packaged deal.

“I look after her and protect her,” Ashley told Will, according to Fox 5. “To be with me, you must accept her and love her as well.”

Will didn’t miss a beat. He accepted the terms laid out by Ashley and when it came time to propose, he had an extra special idea in mind.

He proposed to both of them.

Knowing that Hannah was to be a large part of their life together, and willing to accept her and love her, Will got down on one knee and asked Ashley — and Hannah — if they would do him the honor.

Ashley knew that Will was supportive of her decision to care for Hannah, but she did not expect the grand gesture to be extended to both of them.

“Before you knew it, he was down on one knee, asking her [Hannah] to be his best friend forever,” Ashley said. “It was the sweetest moment in my whole life watching Hannah be so happy and feeling so special.”

Ashley was also grateful for the moment that Will gave her, something that should come for every woman but might not for Hannah.

“We may not know what the future will hold for Hannah, and I hope that someday she finds a sweet boy, but for now, I am so thankful she got to enjoy that moment that every girl dreams about,” Ashley said.

Proposing to both Ashley and Hannah was not an empty gesture on Will’s part, either. During the ceremony, he will share his vows with his bride-to-be, as well as pledging his undying friendship to Hannah.

“They will make promises to each other to always care for one another, share secrets, make jokes and go fishing, as that’s one of their favorite things to do together,” Ashley said. “Will and I will share our vows and we all three will walk out down the aisle together.”

Although Ashley and Hannah have been inseparable since Hannah’s birth, she never expected such a warm and welcoming fiance that would bring Hannah into the ceremony.

“I never would’ve thought that I would’ve shared my wedding day, my engagement, and my whole life with her, but now, under all the circumstances, I wouldn’t have it any other way,” she said.

And for the foreseeable future, Ashley wants Hannah there every step of the way.

“I want Hannah right by my side throughout everything and someday in the future, whenever Will and I start a family, I know that Hannah will be a big part of helping raise our child. She will be a great aunt.”

source : shareably