Teenage girls can sometimes known to be cruel, selfish creatures. Although some of their mean behavior can be blamed on changing hormones, most of the time, it's just to impress other children their age! One poor janitor had to experience this first-hand when the "popular girls" in his school kept leaving lipstick prints on the bathroom mirror. His lesson would be one that the girls would remember for the rest of their lives!

After approaching the school's principal and asking for her help solving the issue - things only got worse. The principal made an announcement that inspired the girls to leave double the number of mirror marks. So, the janitor decided to take things into his own hands.

With the help of the principal, he called a meeting with all of the most popular girls on campus. He wanted to show them just how much work it takes to clean the lipstick stains off of the mirrors every single night - the lengthy process even caused him to stay late and miss out on time with his family! But when the girls see what the janitor does to clean the mirrors, they are shocked. These ladies won't be torturing the janitor any longer!

Source : faithtap.com