Ths story of a little flying squirrel is spreading all over the world: Jeff Longo was on his way home after work and noticed something lying on the sidewalk. It seemed to be moving, despite having laid out in the merciless Florida son for hours. Jeff had no clue what kind of an animal it was, so he asked in an online forum. There he was told that the animal was a southern flying squirrel. But no one on the forum believed he would survive. "It'll definitely die soon and in your hands," was the prevailing diagnosis. But Jeff saw the situation completely differently...
Jeff found the creature in this pitiful state. Despite being just born, it seemed like his life was already over.

One could see immediately that the creature was suffering from undernourishment and dehydration. So Jeff decided to begin giving him a nutrient intake. Even though the people online told him it was all in vain...

He refused to give up on this innocent creature. Already after the first drops of water, the animal began to show signs of life again.

At least Jeff now knew that it was indeed a newborn southern flying squirrel. Up until that point, he didn't know much more.

Even online there was no help to be found. Just pessimism and bullying from whoever turned to.

Jeff did everything he could. With a mini bottle, he fed little squirrel life-sustaining sustenance.

But his loving care began to show a visual success. The fragile creature's condition stabilized itself more and more daily.

In the meantime, Jeff had named his little new roommate: Biscuits! Because he loved to chow down on cookie crumbs from the kitchen table.

And Biscuits became stronger and stronger.

He even got a new friend: Jeff's dog says a loving hello!

Both got along marvelously from the first moment on.

Mmm, breakfast! That's biscuit's favorite meal of all.


Biscuits even started to taking on some new hobbies. Like skateboarding!

... hide-and-go-seek, ...

... and modeling with silly hats!

Biscuits loves snuggling up in Jeff's beard more than anything else.

They'll probably have to separate at some point. Bu until then, the two are enjoying their time together.

Biscuits is now 3 months old. And he is a proper strong, and lively little guy.

Awesome job, Jeff! And we want to wish you much more fun together. You guys are an unbeatable team.

Sometimes it's worth listening to your heart instead of letting the pessimists get to you. Thanks to Jeff, Biscuit now has a second chance.

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