When after all day you take off your favorite ballet shoe or regular shoes, chances are to feeling unpleasant smell.

To solve or at least to reduce this problem, you must throw them away all the shoes or to fade them with repeated washing.

These are three solutions that we recommend to you.

Almighty baking soda

Inside the shoe place 1 tablespoon of baking soda and let it stand overnight. In the morning just shake and brush the powder. You will be surprised – there will be no trace of scent.

Essential oils

If you want to further refresh your shoes, in an empty bottle with sprayer mix little medical alcohol, water and a few drops of refreshing essential oil. Stir and sprinkle the inside. It is important not to put your shoes on before they completely dry.

“Filled” socks

In cotton socks you can always put a little baking powder, baking soda or corn starch, and put the socks in the shoes. Leave them overnight to stand like that. The next day you will notice that they pulled all stagnant smells.